Can ransomware be decrypted?

It is possible in the following cases:

  • The malware authors made an implementation mistake, making it possible to break the encryption. That was the case with the Petya ransomware and with the CryptXXX ransomware.
  • The malware authors feel sorry about their actions and publish the keys, or a “master key”, as in the TeslaCrypt case.
  • Law enforcement agencies seize a server with keys on it and share them. One such example is CoinVault.

Sometimes paying the ransom also works, but there is no guarantee that paying will actually lead to your files being decrypted. In addition, you 're supporting the criminal’s business model and thus are partly responsible for more and more people getting infected with ransomware.

The first step before decrypting the ransomware is to identify the ransomware, to identify the ransomware pls use the link below:

Second step, once you have found the ransomware, you can use the appropriate decryption tool:

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