What is the malware which Accenture was hit by?

Accenture was hit by a lockbit ransomware gang. LockBit ransomware is malicious software designed to block user access to computer systems in exchange for a ransom payment. LockBit will automatically vet for valuable targets, spread the infection, and encrypt all accessible computer systems on a network.

we understand that these attacks are:

  • Self-spreading within an organization rather than requiring manual direction.
  • Targeted rather than spread in a scattershot fashion like spam malware.
  • Using similar tools to spread, like Windows Powershell and Server Message Block (SMB).

More Reference: LockBit ransomware — what is it and how to stay safe | Kaspersky

Proof of hack: LockBit 2.0 Proof for Accenture Hack - DeepWeb intelligence Feed

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